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HD-3D Laser
Scanning Surveyor

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Meridian Surveying is an HD-3D Laser Scanning Surveyor. If your project calls for a licensed land surveyor to assist as an HD-3D Laser Scanning Surveyor, please call us (800) 515-6674 8:00am-5:00pm PST Monday-Friday or fill out the form below and we will be in touch promptly.

HD-3D Laser Scanning Surveyor

The MERIDIAN team provides Spatial Imaging using 3D Scanning to assist in Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is based on survey grade High Definition 3D laser scanning. True 3D data captured by Land Surveyors saves time & money for our clients in Oakland, San Francisco, Modesto, Sacramento and throughout California.

Why Use a Licensed Surveyor to Scan?

  • Survey grade accurate scanning control is critical to your project.
  • Fully Insured.
  • We can link boundary and other data to the 3d scan, including hydrographic data.
  • We can testify as an expert for accident scenes and view corridor issues.

3D Scanning for Surveying Projects:

• True Topside Construction As-builts
• Factory and Plant As-builts for Inventory and Expansion Planning
• Asset Management and Archiving
• Land Failure Monitoring
• 3D Crime and Crash Scene Capture
• Security Planning
• Marketing Proposals

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data. It uses three-dimensional (3d Laser Scanning), real-time, dynamic building modeling software (and a database) to increase productivity in building design and construction.

The process produces the BIM, which encompasses building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and quantities and properties of building components.

BIM can be used to demonstrate the entire building life cycle, including the processes of construction and facility operation and provides a way to work concurrently on most aspects of building life cycle processes.

Our HD-3D Surveying Team provides on-call services for applications such as Deformation Monitoring, Commercial Projects & Historical documentation. Spatial imaging with 3D scanning can be applied to unsafe areas such as active roadways or inaccessible structures like bridges with a high degree of accuracy.


The benefits of utilizing High-Definition Surveying or 3D laser scanning to obtain As-Built Drawings are:

  • Provides more accurate and more detailed As-Built Drawings over information obtained from manual measurements and outdated or incomplete previous As-Built Drawings.
  • Accurate As-Built Drawings translate directly into reduced project costs through the reduction of construction reworks and construction delays.
  • Prevents schedule delays by reducing data collection time for obtaining As-Built information.
  • Reduces facility downtime as a result of the unobtrusive data capture and reduced field construction time.


  • As-Built Surveys for exterior or interior building renovation, retrofit, remodel, expansion, or additions.
  • As-Built Surveys of complex facilities such as processing plants.
  • Piping and Ductwork Retrofits
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Historic Building Preservation & Renovation
  • Façade laser Scanning for Historic Restoration
  • Freeway / Highway Design Surveys
  • Bridge / Tunnel Design Surveys
  • Surveying of busy street intersections – eliminates need for traffic control.
  • Construction Volume Calculations
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Topographic Surveys
  • Monitoring Structure Deformation
  • Surveys for Hazardous Site Areas
  • Forensic Surveys (accident/crime scene reconstruction)
  • Marketing Tool – allows your client to view area in 3D without having to be there

The High-Definition Surveying or 3D laser scanning survey system is a high-speed, high-accuracy laser radar scanner with a 360° x 270° field of view. The laser technology can scan any interior or exterior man-made or natural structure or area within its field of view and create a complete raw data set in the form of a 3D image made up of millions of points of data, called a “3D point cloud”. Every two points of the 3D point cloud provide direct point to point measurements within AutoCAD. Complete surface geometry is safely and accurately captured with the High-Definition Surveying or 3D scanning system

The raw scanner data, or 3D point cloud, can be used with software to view, pan, zoom, and rotate in 3D and obtain instant point to point measurements from. With additional post-processing and laser scanning services, the raw data can be translated into accurate 2D or 3D AutoCAD drawings to be utilized for 3D visual walk-throughs and 2D or 3D design, and can even be rendered further into a full 3D solid model.

High-Definition/ 3D Laser Scanning For Projects:

  • Historical Preservation
  • Detailed Measurements
  • Surveying hard-to-reach areas
  • Construction Progress
  • Digital 3D Photos
  • Video of Surveys
  • MP3 and JPG Files
  • Changes view to real-time 3D
  • Reduce site visits
  • Record exact data

Uses of the Technology:

  • Volumetrics
  • As-builts
  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing As-builts
  • Change Detection
  • Structural As-builts
  • Catastrophic event mapping
  • Hazard Surveying
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Registered photo video coordinates
  • Record exact data

Tools We Use on HD-3D Laser Scanning Jobs:

Trimble VX Spatial Station / Trimble GX, FX, CX and TX5 (FARO Focus3D)

Trimble Realworks/ Trimble Business Center for Post processing

Recent HD 3D Laser Scanning Job Details

Meridian Surveying performed HD 3D Scanning and Modeling of Moffatt Place an 865,000.00 sq ft interior / exterior of three story Google Plex buildings.

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Toll Free: (800) 515-6674

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Professional HD-3D Laser Scanning surveyor serving customers since 1989.

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Meridian Surveying specializes in, HD 3D Scanning – Terrestrial Lidar, Survey Control for HD 3D Scanning, 3d Modeling as well as Floor flatness surveys. We also verify concrete conditions, new pours and existing slabs.

Our 3D laser scanning tools can help save time and money, help you mitigate risks, and pass FF/FL inspection for every concrete project. FARO and Rithm have developed the most powerful workflow in the industry to verify concrete conditions, for both new pours and existing slabs. By leveraging the power and speed of the FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner, crews can verify ASTM 1155 FF/FL numbers on wet or dry concrete!

From Scan to ASTM 1155 standardization in as little as 7 minutes. Wow.

Excellent HD 3D scanning can help you monitor changes in concrete at key milestones during the project and be incredibly helpful to ensure the success of your project.

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